What the six figure mentors is about

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What the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is about

This is my review about the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) online marketing program. 

SFM declares their core value as “We want to bring online marketing success within reach of anyone.” 

In this review I aim to inform the reader what the six figure mentors is about. I will be exploring whether it is worth your  money and your time to invest in the six figure mentors business model. 

Stuart Ross

Co-Founder / SFM

Jay Kubbasek

Co-Founder / SFM


The Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

Student access – Free for 7 days followed by  a sign up fee of $29.95 refundable within the first 30 days. 

SFM Essential membership – $297 enrollment fee plus $97 per month.

SFM Elite Mastermind – $297 enrollment, $97 a month +$2,500 per year.

Digital Experts Academy /DEA Silver – SFM Elite member costs +$2,500.

Digital Experts Academy /DEA Gold – SFM Elite member costs +$8,000.

Digital Experts Academy /DEA Platinum – SFM Elite member costs +$11,000.

Digital Experts Academy /DEA Black – SFM Elite member costs +$20,000.

Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

10 / 100 or 1 star 

SFM overview

"Proven" Digital Business System

The SFM offering

Jaaxy does much more than only seo keywords research. When you sign up with Jaaxy you receive a whole suite of products and tools. You don’t have to look any further its all integrated online.  You can access these essential tools whereever you are and carry-on with your project from where you last stopped. The Jaaxy platform is the most advanced comprehensive keywords  research tool and essential component to successful internet marketing. 

SFM Digital Business System

SFM Digital Business System

This is the SFM system of training and tools. Training modules that are covered are Lifestyle Blueprint, Setup, Marketing Blueprint, Training Curriculum. - The Lifestyle Blueprint covers topics of personal goals, values, vision, self awareness and motivation. The blueprint is followed by an orientation workshop presented by Justin Woolf where the pressure to enter their high end product: Digital Expert Academy (DEA) starts. You have to frame a 90 day action plan and this is followed by a so-called business plan. The business plan phase is ended by a call with Mark Hayes. The purpose of the call is to upgrade you to the Essential membership. No true interest is expressed about your business plan. - Set up module: The SFM affiliate program is introduced followed by registration of your domain name & website. Create links from your website with the SFM link generator that tracks links and a system auto-responder to your links. This is followed by using their landing pages with your links to track your sales.

- Certification is achieved by a review of your website and testing of your links.

sfm black logo

SFM training

Training consist of: - New member Orientation Workshops (monthly) presented by Justin Woolf. Your first live training following the completion of your blueprint plan. Centering around "how you can change your life" "get out of your own way", "5 things successful people do", up-selling to the SFM Elite or even Digital Experts Academy (DEA) - Weekly marketing blueprint presented by Danielle Wilson covers aspects of 3 phases of successful Digital Entrepreneurship", "Understand your marketing budget", "define your target market", "Choose your focus: Paid vs Organic advertising & social media", "Content marketing", "Video marketing". - Weekly live meditation

- Wake up with Irene Webster / Jay Kubassek and John Jackson. Attempts to motivate and inspire. Discussions about the 90-day video challenge, business wisdom. Chats with new members, successful members and assisting certain members with live calls.
- The Elite members get training in the advance set-up of their SFM websites and advertising links, use of social media, the SFM marketing funnel and WordPress. - Free access to lynda.com online courses, classes and tutorials.

digital business lounge logo

SFM - Digital Business Lounge

- Domain registration;
- Website hosting;
- Lead capture and thank you/download pages, with no coding or design work required;
- Digital writers, hire a copywriter;
- TidyURL you can edit, shorten, cloak and share your long URLs in a few clicks;
- Media Library is where you can upload your images and PDF’s - forget expensive hosting;
- YourTubePlayer: Embed YouTube videos on your website with custom player options;
- GraphixCreator: Generate images for your website:
- UTM Builder: Here, you can generate UTM tracking codes - for use with Google Analytics and other services - to get an overview of traffic and user activity on your website;
- SimpleTrakk: Compare marketing campaigns by track conversions by generating codes, split testing pages.

SFM - Simple Lead Capture

This tool works as an additional plugin to your WordPress website. From lead page templates you can create, modify and publish lead pages without any coding or design work required. With Simple Lead Capture you do not have to perform much website design. You direct people on your website to automated SFM landing pages.

You add certain personal information and a few of your own images.

You get a full functional landing page.

Traffic analyses on your website are recorded and reported for you to review.

Stuart Ross from a pedlow in Mauritius

Many people has seen this video of Stuart Ross on YouTube

Play Video


Most frequent questions and answers

SFM is for people who want to make an online income in the form of commission by promoting SFM to the public by mainly using a website, affiliated links, lead pages, social media and videos. 

Digital Experts Academy is the “up-sale” of SFM.  More benefits are given to DEA members than SFM members. You earn more commission by getting people to join SFM / DEA.

They claim that you get more one-on-one mentoring as a DEA member.  There are different levels of DEA membership as well depending on how much you pay.

  • DEA Silver – $2,500.
  • DEA Gold – $8,000.
  • DEA Platinum – $11,000
  • DEA Black – $25,000

Yes you have to pay for DBL. There are 3 subscription options within DBL. 

  • The Basic subscription – $49 a month.
  • The Standard DBL – $99 a month.
  • The Pro – $199 per month.
  • SFM has pre-created landing pages that can easily plug into a WordPress website. This reduces the time it takes to learn  proper internet marketing techniques.
  • The DBL domain registration and website hosting is built on a good platform with fast website speed.
  • Their Digital Bloggers website is a good platform to learn the skill of content creation. 
  • Access to the lynda.com online training courses without additional costs.

The negative points about SFM that raises concern.  

  • Expensive
  • Too many subscription levels at different prices.
  • Not good for people who want to promote their own businesses or passions on the internet.
  • You enter at the top of the SFM sales funnel and thereafter they place continuous emphasis to upgrade your membership to a higher more expensive level. This creates unfair pressure on newbies and distrust about their intentions.   
  • They claim that their core value is to bring online success within reach of anybody, yet they stack packages which are extremely expensive compared to their peers in the market. 
  • The upgrade to SFM Elite provides very little additional benefits at a very high price.
  • The owners provide very little technical training. Their monthly talks center around motivation, inspiration and focus on what SFM leaders are doing. No real knowledge transfer is received.
  • The lead pages are old and out-of-date. 
  • If you do not like what you find in the SFM business there are no alternatives or support to promote your own business. 
  • A lot of focus is placed on people’s pain points, and I mean a lot. If you do not like direct sales or recruitment this business is not for you. 
  • The SFM lead pages and links can be bad for Search Engine Optimization and Google rankings. 
  • It is essentially a MLM business model, but this is not disclosed to the market as such. 

SFM Pricing


Student access
$ 0
/ MO
  • Introductory Module
  • A one-to-one consultation


$ 97
/ MO
  • Introductory Module
  • A one-to-one consultation
  • Live Event Recordings
  • Digital Busiess System Modules - Lifestyle Blueprint, Setup, marekting Blueprint, Training Cirriculums
  • SFM Essetnial Cirriculum - Step by Step Marketing Blueprint
  • Training Library
  • DBL Free membership
  • Step-by-step Setup & training modules to Digital Business System
  • Access to private FB group
  • Weekly live training webinars
  • Access to live events throughout the year


$ 97
/ MO
  • Introductory Module
  • A one-to-one consultation
  • Live Event Recordings
  • Digital Busiess System Modules - Lifestyle Blueprint, Setup, marekting Blueprint, Training Cirriculums
  • SFM Essetnial Cirriculum - Step by Step Marketing Blueprint
  • Training Library
  • DBL Free membership
  • Step-by-step Setup & training modules to Digital Business System
  • Access to private FB group
  • Weekly live training webinars
  • Access to live events throughout the year
  • System Setup Certification
  • Recurring exclusive webinars featuring prominent leaders & experts sharing knowledge
  • Earn higher commission structure

What other reviewers say

Conclusion and verdict

My rating score of the most important aspects of  SFM as a % out of 100 (see below)

1 %
SFM digital business system
1 %
DBL - Hosting
1 %
SFM Training
1 %
Simple Lead Capture
1 %
SFM pricing

My findings:

My SFM review comes from my personal experience as a previous SFM Elite member. I clearly indicated during my one-on-one consultation calls that I am looking for  a program to learn online marketing skills for my own online business which was promoting online accounting products. I did not get what I was promised and it cost me a large amount of money. 

It took me a lengthy time to persuade myself to actually write this review, because I do not want to dwell on the negative and the past . Then  I thought that my review may be informative to somebody who is looking for an online business opportunity or to learn how to leverage internet marketing in his own business.

SFM Digital Business System

The Lifestyle Blueprint is a total waste of time and does not add any value. Very little if any transfer of knowledge happens in this system. Trainers cannot be regarded as authorities in their niche. Most disappointing is the Elite training and massive additional costs paid for it. This is a typical MLM business model. If  I knew  I was going to pay a lot of money to watch Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer videos, I would not have signed up. YouTube is full of those for free!

SFM Training

SFM fails to deliver their core value  of bringing internet success to anybody. I think the main reason for this is that they have too many subscription levels. So… very important information that an internet marketer needs to know are reserved for their higher end service offering, which is the DEA. Their one-on-one consultations are of no value and just another attempt to get you to upgrade. I hated the continuous pressure being placed on me to “upgrade” as I was made to believe that my current level was  not sufficient to be successful with my internet business. Their orientation and monthly webinars became an absolute nightmare to watch. 

A positive towards the end of my subscription with SFM was the free access to lynda.com courses.

SFM - Digital Business Lounge

The DBL is the best feature of SFM. The domain registration and website hosting are affordable and built on good platforms. I have tested the DBL support and they successfully resolved the system issues. Again what started as a free services evolved into you having to pay to subscribe to DBL if you are not at a certain SFM level. This means additional costs to you. The add-on services to DBL is actually unnecessary as it can be found elsewhere on the internet for free. 

SFM - Simple Lead Capture

A very neat feature for absolute beginners that would like to market SFM like a MLM product. To me the landing pages look old and outdated and it does not get updated regularly. It functions as landing pages only. You will still have to be able to drive traffic to those sites by other means. These pages may also be bad for search engine optimization and rankings due to the copying of the majority of the content. This product is definitely not good for someone who has some experience with an internet business. 

Final conclusion of what the six figure mentors is all about.

  1. Six Figure Mentors fails in their core value to bring online marketing success within reach of  anybody.
  2. Six Figure Mentors has far too many different sign-up levels which is confusing and low value at the beginning and middle sections of their service. 
  3. Six figure mentors is about up-sale, up-sale and up-sale and you paying more. It was a relieve for me to got out of that pressurized situation and to focus on my internet business. 
  4. Six Figure Mentors also cross-sells due to the fact that you have to pay for all the other services if you are not an Elite Member. More money out of your pocket. 
  5. You can get better training and mentoring for free on YouTube. 
  6. The Facebook Group was working but ended up with inner-circles influenced by certain successful members. Deviation from the core of mentoring online marketing success to watching “blooper” videos of members.
  7.  Six Figure Mentors is extremely expensive and their DEA is even more expensive.  
  8. I score Six Figure Mentors 10% or 1 star based on the value given for what you pay.
SFM might be working for people who are good at recruiting people. I could not find one successful SFM member. The successful people were DEA members who have invested large amounts of money into their ventures. If you have that kind of money to invest, I would still regard SFM + DEA as a risky investment, because you still have to get the knowledge and build your business from scratch. If you enjoy MLM businesses you may be successful with SFM. SFM is not worth the money and I am glad I got out of the Six Figure Mentors program.
Fortunately I found an alternative, you can read more about my ===>>> No.1 Recommendation which can bring you online success based on your passions truly for free without getting involved in a MLM business model.

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for more than 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

7 thoughts on “What the six figure mentors is about”

  1. Louis i will say this that is one expensive scam they have there.  I like the way you have done your work in that blog. You have done  great work to let us know of these guys we can depend on you and your great work to keep us informed as affiliate marketers and how to expose them

    • Hi Charles I am glad that I could be of assistance to help people to make an informed decision. The future for Affiliates look bright as more people will be depending on honest reviews before making purchase decisions. 

      All the best 

      Louis Munro

  2. Hi Louis – thanks for sharing this in-depth review of the Six Figure Mentors online marketing program. I had not heard of this before, so I was interested to learn what it had to offer, particularly as I am fairly new to affiliate marketing. It all sounds very promising until you get to the pricing structure; there seems to be very little included with the free membership, and the other levels are ridiculously expensive. I don’t think they make it clear that its an MLM business and all about upselling. Its definitely not for me, and I think other people will be glad to get your honest opinion and save themselves a great deal of money and disappointment. All the best, Diane

    • Hi Diane 

      Thank you for reading my article what the six figure mentors is about. I have attempted to provide a real unbiased opinion. I am very happy that you can learn from my experience and not make the same mistake, that is what reviews and Affiliate Marketing is all about. 

      Their program starts very innocently with 7 days free, then $29, then $297 and $97 per month then $2500 it is only the beginning of the costs and a continuous downward spiral from there onward…

      All the best 

      Louis Munro

  3. Hello Louis. Thank you for sharing your review of the Six Figures Mentors. From your review, initially, I thought this would be an amazing Programme and Platform for learning digital marketing. I was pretty confused why you gave it 1  🌟. Oh! I see you have had an unfavourable experience with the Program and have wasted a lot of money without getting what you were promised.

    This Programme is pretty expensive and many newbies who looking for help and tools to enhance making money online Will not be able to afford it. Basically, that’s what I don’t like about it and again it looks very much like MLM as you have said.

    As a matter of fact, there are many other platforms out there that would offer better value for very little money.

    I want to know, do you know anyone that has made Success with the training offered in SFM?

    • Hi Barry 

      Thank you for your comment on the post what the six figure mentors is about. 

      Like I said in my post, I was part of the SFM program and Facebook group. The only people who made Success that I knew, were the ones who enrolled for the even higher priced level: Digital Experts Academy (DEA), and even with DEA we were informed that you have to be at the black level to actually make an income. DEA black  level will set you back $20,000 over and above SFM subscription costs. 

      I hope this helps.

      Louis Munro


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