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What is a seo keyword research tool?

Jaaxy is a seo keyword research tool. Keyword  research is the process used to find keywords that match to the terms that people type into search engines. The more closely your keywords match to what people are searching for in your particular niche, the more people will be directed to your website. Keywords are ultimately used for search engine optimization (seo) so that your business can be found by users of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Keywords research can be described as the starting point of your online revenue.   

Jaaxy review

This is my review about the Jaaxy online application that are being used for all types of marketing. I answer the question and deliver a verdict whether Jaaxy is an essential tool for  your online business and whether you should even bother with it. 

Jaaxy tools

Jaaxy does much more than only seo keywords research. When you sign up with Jaaxy you receive a whole suite of products and tools. You don’t have to look any further its all integrated online.  You can access these essential tools whereever you are and carry-on with your project from where you last stopped. The Jaaxy platform is the most advanced comprehensive keywords  research tool and essential component to successful internet marketing. 

Jaaxy - Keywords searches like a boss

The Jaaxy keywords search is the tool to find keywords and to analyze them efficiently. You enter a keyword and Jaaxy scan all the search engines and gives you back essential data about the exact number of pages you will be competing against. A quality indicator is a good visual presentation whether your keyword is a good one . How many searches are performed on that keyword per month and more related search term ideas, you can look into. Do you want to try it yourself? Click on the title & photo above.

Jaaxy - Alphabet Soup

Performing a manual search to returning a word based on each letter of the alphabet in Google to generate keywords ideas can take a long time. The entire process is automated within the Jaaxy alphabet soup, cutting your search time down to seconds. You enter a keyword and an alphabetical list of additional keywords suggestion phrases are provided. With the alphabet slider you can scroll through the entire alphabet for corresponding words. You can select the most appealing phrases and save it automatically to your keywords list.

Jaaxy - Saving and managing lists

As soon as you click on a keyword phrase the save button pops up. Store your keyword ideas by category in a list that is easily created within the save function. The list gives you a summary of your keywords stored with its related data. You can select and delete words from your list. You don't have to create complicated spreadsheets. Your keywords are organised, easily accessible and can be interpreted very efficiently. You can organize your list by list-name, traffic, keywords and last saved. You have full control and freedom to manage your keywords list within Jaaxy.

Jaaxy - Search Analyses

You are considering entering a new niche or to use a particular keyword phrase. Analyze what your competitors are doing first. Jaaxy gives you the rankings on your keyword phrase on the 3 major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now you can determine the factors that enable these competitors'website to rank high in that niche. Jaaxy changes time-consuming, complicated market research into a fun filled, simple, quick and efficient tool. You spend your valuable time on making the right decisions with the Search Analyses tool.

Jaaxy - Brainstorm HQ

Jaaxy's Brainstorm HQ scan the search engines and networks to provide lists of the most trending and hottest topics TODAY, on Google, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends. If you click on the topic it is stored in your brainstorm Queue. You can do further keyword research on it. All within one platform, all within Jaaxy. This is a powerful tool to discover niche ideas and keyword research on brand new topics. You can add your own ideas to the brainstorm queue as well. Follow the trend and be relevant using Jaaxy Brainstorm.

Jaaxy affiliate programs

Jaaxy - Affiliate Programs and Site Rank

You have traffic and you have an idea that is ideal for your niche. Now you want to monetize your site. Jaaxy Affiliate program search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche. Also their product website, the commission earnings %, Alexa Rank and network.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • General marketers
  • Business owners
  • Content marketers
  • Researchers and students
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers and consultants
  • YouTubers
  • Niche creators
  • Domain flippers
  • Start-up businesses
  • People working from home
  • Writers
  • Branding designers
  • People looking of lucrative ideas
  • SEO Companies
  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies
  • Paid Per Click Entrepreneurs

You can test Jaaxy and get 30 searches for free. You recieve 30 searches on Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Search Analysis and Affiliate Programs. See how much Jaaxy cost in the section below.

Wealthy Affiliate premium members get access to Jaaxy-Lite. See the features that you can access with Jaaxy-Lite below in the pricing section.

Yes you have unlimited access to Jaaxy training videos.  The 4 training videos covers the following topics: 

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management. Video length 22min 49s. 
  • Jaaxy website research and analyses. Video length 17min 31s.
  • Niche research refinement. Video length 16min 45s.
  • The Affiliate Program walkthrough. Video length 13min 34s.

As a Wealthy Affiliate premium member there are additional training material, videos, live chat and question section to the WA community.

Jaaxy has excellent features and I am highlighting the strongest below:

  • It is an online program you can access it from any where. There is no need to download software which means that your Jaaxy is always up-to-date automatically. 
  • Easy to use at all levels and the training is straightforward.
  • You become extremely efficient in the research process as Jaaxy simplify the tedious process of keywords research.
  • Super fast accurate results, removes the guesswork from your project and gives you piece of mind. 
  • Managing and organizing your keywords become a breeze with Jaaxy. This removes the need for any complicated manual spreadsheets with keywords lists for all your different keyword categories.
  • Jaaxy is a comprehensive tool. You do not need anything else. The founders of Jaaxy has done a lot of work to make the research process as simple as possible. 
  • Advanced. The algorithms that Jaaxy use is extremely advanced and state-of-the art.
  •  Access to all the major Search Engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  •  Great tool for finding new niches and generating new ideas as Jaaxy provides you with similar suggestions or ideas. 
  • With the Jaaxy affiliate program you can earn an additional stream of income. 
  • Cutting down the Alphabet Soup Technique into seconds. 
  • You can run multiple businesses and multiple products from this single resource. 
  • Easy to interpret the data and apply your research. 
  • A history of your searches are saved so you can access those brilliant ideas at a later time. 
  •  You can remove items from your list once you have used it. With Jaaxy you are in full control. 

I really had to dig deep to find any cons with Jaaxy. Jaaxy alone will not ensure you success with your internet business. You still have to bring all the components together. As an example generating great content for a superior  product. 

  • Jaaxy alone will not guarantee you success in  your online business.
  • Jaaxy can be costly if considered as a stand alone product. As part of the Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription it is great. But the Enterprise level is relative expensive for newbies.
  • The free version is limited, they could have done more to expand it. 
  • The pricing on the Jaaxy website are not very clear. I had to access my Wealthy Affiliate profile to enable me to get the pricing. 
  • I think the training is very basic, a more in-depth training course could have enhanced my abilities with Jaaxy.
  • There are very limited resources available for Jaaxy outside of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Within the WA community there are a lot of help and resources available. You are very limited  by using Jaaxy only. 
  • The domains only caters for .com or .org sites and disregard local domains. 

You can find more information about Jaaxy by clicking here.

Jaaxy Pricing


$ 0
/ MO
  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Keyword results
  • 2 Saved Keyword Lists
  • 30 SiteRank Scans
  • 5 / letter - Alphabet Soup Results
  • Advanced Features: Manual QSR (competitioin)

JAAXY lite

No Fee to WA premium!
$ 0
/ MO
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • 20 Keyword results
  • 25 Saved Keyword Lists
  • 100 SiteRank Scans
  • 10 / letter - Alphabet Soup Results
  • Advanced Features: Manual QSR (competition) Manual Domain Availability Affiliate Program Search Sort Keyword Data


Billed monthly
$ 49
/ MO
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • 30 Keyword results
  • Unlimited Saved Keyword Lists
  • 2000 SiteRank Scans
  • 15 / letter - Alphabet Soup Results
  • Advanced Features: Manual QSR (competition) Manual Domain Availability Affiliate Program Search Sort Keyword Data Brainstorm Platform Multitabbed 3x KW Search

JAAXY enterprise

Billed monthly
$ 99
/ MO
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • 35 Keyword results
  • Unlimited Saved Keyword Lists
  • 10000 SiteRank Scans
  • 50 / letter - Alphabet Soup Results
  • Advanced Features: Instant QSR (competition) Instant Domain Availability Affiliate Program Search Sort Keyword Data Brainstorm Platform Multitabbed 5x KW Search

What other reviewers say

Conclusion and verdict

free keywords tools

My rating score of the most important aspects of the Keywords Tool as a % out of 100 (see below)

1 %
Jaaxy - Keyword Search
1 %
Jaaxy - as KW management tool
1 %
Jaaxy - Add ons and benefits
1 %
Jaaxy-Support & training
1 %
Jaaxy-pricing structure

My findings:

Jaaxy-Keywords Search

The most powerful tool within Jaaxy. You are performing SEO optimization like a Pro! If Jaaxy only had this function I would still have gotten Jaaxy.

Jaaxy-Aphabet Soup

With the Alphabet Soup function I could generate more brilliant KW ideas within a fraction of the time than following the “Google instant strategy”.  The biggest time-saver of your research activities. 

Jaaxy-Saving and managing lists

Think “efficiency” think Jaaxy’s keywords list. Before Jaaxy I was attempting to organize my keywords on spreadsheets. With the list function I am super efficient. 

Jaaxy-Search Analyses

A very handy tool to see what you are up against before you enter a particular niche. I am thinking: “maybe I should have used this tool much more, earlier in my business.” 

Jaaxy-Brainstorm HQ

I think: “maybe they could have left this function”, I have not really find much use for it, but hey why not? A nice bonus feature to use. If I change my mind in future after I found the gold nugget with it,  I will come back to this review and change it. 

Jaaxy-Affiliate Programs and Site Rank

Good as a starting point finding an affiliate program. I found the search took a very long time. They can definitely improve this tool in the future. 

Final conclusion:

  1. Keywords are the starting point of your rankings and traffic on the internet. As you build your content with targeting keywords you are ultimately building your business and revenue. 
  2. Jaaxy is essential in this process of building your website. 
  3. Jaaxy is a state-of-the art platform and really comprehensive. 
  4. I have not found anything online that can compete with Jaaxy. 
  5. The fact that Jaaxy is online makes it really user friendly and assist me to work from anywhere on any device. 
  6. Jaaxy is mobile friendly, something these days we cannot go without. 
  7.  Getting it for free as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member is just brilliant!
  8. Jaaxy can be a bit expensive especially for start-up entrepreneurs that want to use the Jaaxy Enterprise package. I would not recommend anybody to immediately sign up for the  Jaaxy Enterprise package if you do not have previous experience with Keywords Research. 
  9. When you are a newbie initially understanding keywords research can be overwhelming. Jaaxy might look daunting when you start but as you keep digging in you find that it is an essential tool for your business. 
  10. The bonus features of Jaaxy makes it a lot more than only a keywords search tool. 
I would recommend Jaaxy to any business that is serious about their online presence and growth. Many people endorse the Jaaxy Tool for good reasons, because it is so damn good. It is definitely essential within your arsenal of tools for your online business. Yes and to answer my initial question, you should bother to get Jaaxy. 

Try Jaaxy yourself with 30 free searches

You have heard a great deal about Wealthy Affiliate.

You can claim your Free Starter Membership with WA and receive the latest videos, tutorials and courses. Get instant help & support. Build your own free websites easily and earn great commission. A premium WA member get Jaaxy for free!

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