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Formal traditional education institutions are being replaced as the first choice for students and people from all walks of life by online training platforms like The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I have attended the formal education system for 25 years.

The 25 years consisted of:

  • 7 Years Primary School
  • 5 years High School
  • 4 Years Campus style university
  • 1 Year Long distance bridging degree with UNISA university
  • 2 Years Honors degree in Accounting
  • 1 Year Auditing Specialized course
  • 1 Year Board Exam 1 to become a CA
  • 1 Year Board Exam 2 to become a CA
  • 3 Years training contract

Add to that another 17 years experience of running my own business. A person would believe that after 25 years of formal training and 17 years experience that you have mastered business.

Realizing after 17 years that I am not in a position were I wanted to be indicates that I definitely have not mastered wealth, health, love and happiness.

What happened?

About a year ago I took a close look at my personal life and my business and I decided that something had to change.

I or something had to change, because I actually made very little progress in certain areas of my life. I was still living from one month paycheck to the next. Due to my wealth problems my relationships were also not in good shape. Fortunately my health was excellent due to the regular surfing sport that I pursue whenever I get the chance.

In an attempt to change things, I turned to the online world and decided to join The Wealthy Affiliate University to see if I can follow my passions and still make money with an online business.

The formal education system

The formal education system is having the luxury of time to be able to shape children from a young age.

You guessed it, I came to the conclusion that the formal education failed us. Given all the opportunities that the education system has with years and years of history. They should have been able to assist people to excel in the important areas of peoples’ life of wealth, health, happiness or at least continuously make progress.

I don’t really know what is exactly wrong with the formal education system. There could be hundreds of reasons for the failure of the education system. I am not an expert in education at all but I know from the amount of years I spent in the system that it is not working at all. It is a pity that more funds are plunged into this “black hole”. 

Look at the workplace.

My story is not unique. Daily I experience the carelessness and incompetence of people displayed in the workplace even after finishing a degree or diploma and 3 years of training.

People are at the workplace for all the wrong reasons. They are working for a paycheck, in a career they hate.

To determine an employee’s passion is easy: go to a person’s desk and see what tabs are open on their computer screens and what are displayed on their phones. In most cases it will be stuff that has nothing to do with the work at all.

Follow your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life.

People fail themselves, because they do not pursue careers which they are passionate about. The idea was planted in people’s minds that by following your passion, you will not make any money or you will not find a job. This reasoning to find a job at all costs originated in the 1950’s and is not applicable to the modern society anymore.

Online training institutions saved us!

I am amazed at the level of education that can be achieved online at a fraction of the cost.

What further amazes me is the level of training progress that can be made in a very short time doing something you have a passion for.

And it pays well too. A person that always comes to my mind is the celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver. He struggled with dyslexia and overcame it. His net worth is $245 million. Parents pay attention when your child want to pursue a career in something they love. You might think that a passion will never pay the bills. Jamie Oliver gave cooking celebrity status with his show “The Naked Chef”. What characteristic made Jamie a success? Jamie is passionate about food and his passion is contagious. People are swept away by his casual yet sophisticated cooking style. Jamie Oliver have fun while cooking and people who are having fun attract other people as well.

Organizations will fail

There are no fail safe. The days when people follow careers because it pays well or because they will be guaranteed a job is over. People all over the planet are looking for fulfillment in their jobs.

Organizations that do not adapt to the new cultural evolution will fail.

Years go by were people spend their days in frustration and hopelessness because they feel trapped in the system and they appear to be powerless to escape.

The days are over

The days when online certification or online training are frowned upon as a lower form of education is over.

As a matter of fact in the category of wealth generating, online businesses are beating traditional businesses pants down. Just think about what Amazon has created and how Uber has changed the transport industry. Thousands of people are promoting Amazon products and are earning handsome commission. Uber drivers are working for themselves and are making good incomes.

The impact of online education

Online education programs or online universities are definitely making a big impact in the world and people’s lives.

Online education provides an enriched experience. Being able to bring people closer to do what they love, earn a living from it and being able to fulfill their dreams were more job and life satisfaction at a fraction of the price are being offered by online education systems like The Wealthy Affiliate University.

Anyone can go down the path of online education

What will be required from each person who want to go down this path:

  • Knowledge of yourself and what you really want to do and accomplish
  • Self motivation
  • Ability to work independent
  • The ability and the mindset to be able to take control of your own life and to accept responsibility for your own life and to not trust in a system that is not going to serve you.

You can have the freedom of choosing your unique training curriculum based upon what you want to achieve and do. Less trust is placed on the education system and the individual takes more responsibility for his own life.

Let's talk Wealthy Affiliate University

I have found an online university that comes very close to the one I have attended. And to be frank I have attended 2 of the best universities on the African continent. University of Stellenbosch and the Natal University.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the opportunity to follow my passion and to gain extensive knowledge.

Traditional education institutions are extremely expensive:

It took me 5 years to pay back my study loan for my first university degree. It also costed my parents a thousand to have me in the town attending the university and to experience campus life.

My second chunk of studies was financed by my employer and after completion it costed me 25% of my income to pay back the study loan. It took my three years to pay them back.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate University cost? – $49 a month if you pay monthly. By paying annually it will cost only $359 per year. I upgraded my membership with the Black Friday deal I got it for $299 which amounts to $24 dollars a month. The annual costs equates to the price of a pair of pants.

Campus life can be great attraction. Wealthy Affiliate University have thousands of active members all over the world. You can choose your interest and who you would like to connect with. You can connect through live chats or direct personal messages.

Life webinars at Wealthy Affiliate University is on point, to the subject, with real live study cases. The chat box in the webinar can be used to ask questions which are answered by fellow members or the presenter. Life webinars are recorded were you can watch it again. There is a library of past webinars that you can watch again on a subject you want to gain more knowledge.

Bonus! Click below to watch a free live webinar of Wealthy Affiliate

Training of the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” consist of 5 levels and 50 lessons. The training is not about getting a certificate, because a mere certificate does not mean you are competent. It is practical and task driven. A nice feature of the platform is that you start were you last left of.

Different classrooms categorized according to applicable topics were additional training and tutorials are being loaded.

You get access to thousands of blogs written by Wealthy Affiliate members.

You are being provided with ALL the tools required to build an online business based on your passion like:

  • Domain registration and super fast hosting facilities;
  • Websites;
  • WordPress;
  • Themes for WordPress;
  • Site comments and feedback on your website pages and posts;
  • Website health check;
  • Jaaxy research a comprehensive online research keyword tool;
  • Content writing platform.

The benefits of a live online university like Wealthy Affiliate is that the university is never closed. You have open access to webinars, there is activity 24 hours a day non-stop. Up-to-date knowledge are being transferred through various channels. Wealthy Affiliate has achieved the ultimate in intelligence: it is a self-sustaining, continuous evolving organism.

The success of a university is measured by the result its students achieve. Wealthy Affiliate students achieve results in many aspects. From business success and profit to personal fulfillment of learning something new, to the satisfaction of being able to help another student and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

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About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for more than 17 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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