Starting an affiliate career – What is the best affiliate program

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When you start your internet marketing career, you would want to make sure that you are making as little mistakes as possible. Your goal is to make money and it is paramount that you avoid anything that will cost you money and time. I specifically would like to emphasize the word time, because time equates money and it is heartbreaking to start an affiliate marketing program only to realize after six months or in worst scenarios after years: that you have been embarking on something that is never going to realize a return on investment. The opportunity cost for following the wrong affiliate marketing program for a long time is enormous.

The role that the affiliate marketing program’s sales funnel play in your success

I started my internet marketing career with the viewpoint that an affiliate program would enable me to improve my existing business’ marketing. I already had a product to market and I made my objectives about marketing my existing business very clear to the affiliate program that I was about to join. I needed to obtain the skills and knowledge to be a competent internet marketer. I was ensured by a very good salesman that this is exactly what I will get from that affiliate program. Only to realize that I am a participant of that affiliate program sales funnel. A word of caution if you are considering an affiliate program that have multiple layers of programs which becomes more expensive as you move up the funnel. These funnels are normally also paired with promises of higher commissions as you move up the program (funnel). Be aware and look for more danger signs before you commit. Wealthy affiliate have two pricing options a free membership or a premium membership, that is it. There are no hidden agendas of getting you to join and then offer you more expensive membership options at various levels which you have to pay for. For their integrity and clarity regarding what you let yourself in to score a certain 5 out of 5.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

The features of a pyramid scheme is that you pay a price to join a scheme with the promise of receiving some value. You then get 10 or more other people also to join and then you receive a percentage of the price people pay. So it goes on with the persons at the top of the pyramid making the big money. It all sounds nice and wonderful with the one problem and that is that no value are being transferred or created within this scheme. It is possible to create a substandard product and service and then fund this scheme by people joining the scheme generating income by passing commissions through the funnel. The people joining get paying members themselves and so it goes on. The internet is an ideal place to create such a scheme because it is basically an infinite market that can continue to provide new members. Unfortunately there are affiliate marketing programs that mask their scheme behind a subscriber and they continuously make money by signing up more members. It appears that you are learning internet marketing but you are only finding subscribers to their program. You are not being taught the science of internet marketing. Be cautious if you find that the affiliate program cannot provide you with sufficient in-depth internet marketing skills beyond their program’s products and services. The striking aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is that they do not entice you to find more members for their program. Wealthy Affiliate focus is on internet marketing skills and knowledge of your preferred product in your preferred niche. Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program where you can market their own products and services. The good thing is that they do not focus on their affiliate marketing program. You can achieve success by learning internet marketing for your own business and that is where the emphasis is. Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing program is built on a solid foundation of proper knowledge transfer. For not being a pyramid scheme I would give Wealthy Affiliate 5 out of 5.

Quality of the training program to build a business and enjoy rewards for years to come

In my opinion the quality of the affiliate training program is the most important aspect to consider. The whole point with affiliate marketing training is to equip you with knowledge to harness the power of the internet to make money rather than going through the painstaking process of stumbling by accident upon the secrets of making money online. Proper training will ensure long term success. Affiliate marketing training - Photo by William Iven on UnsplashA good affiliate training program should have a well-structured course that covers all the important aspects of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate follow a step-by-step approach to teach their students how to create a successful, long term business on the internet. The Online Entrepreneur Certification training at Wealthy Affiliate consists of 5 levels. A very helpful feature is that you can ask any question as you progress through the courses, which is answered literally within minutes. You can also view questions and answers posted by other students which provides you with information that you did not even think about. Level 1: Getting Started – The foundation course that consist of 10 Lessons where you are being taught aspects such as choosing your niche, how to build your own niche website using wordpress and understanding keywords. Level 2: Content keyword and conversions – These 10 lessons teach you more about content creation which is presentable and readable and how to leverage keywords in order for your content to convert. Level 3: Understanding the process of how to make money – These 10 lessons teach you the benefits of affiliate networks, how to earn money through affiliate links, monetize product reviews and ways of earning revenue through product reviews and news. Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement – What does social media mean to your business? Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Google and how to set up yourself for a lifetime of Social Engagement are taught with another 10 lessons. Level 5: Achieving maximum success through content creation – a long term strategy for a brilliant website, and successful year of content creation, getting indexed and how to outsource your content production in the last powerful 10 lessons. Obtaining knowledge is meaningless if it cannot be applied practically and have an impact on your life. During the training program of Wealthy Affiliate the student are being given tasks to complete as you progress. You have a whopping 167 tasks to complete during the 5 modules. If you are serious of making money and a success of your online career you will embrace the practical aspect of the training. It is one thing to have a well-designed sales funnel which you present as a course and another thing to get taught the right aspect of internet marketing. The course material should be very informative, well researched and should have a proven track record of ensuring success if the student progress through the content. If you complete the training course diligently got certified and by then you have not earned a single cent, then you must know that you have just joined the wrong affiliate program and that time is right for you to move on. That is exactly the mistake I made and I would like you to avoid at all costs. I completed a certified training program with one of the competitors in the industry. I still had no exact idea of what I was doing. I was pushed to promote a product, which I did not feel comfortable with, since I had no success how could I lie to my audience and make as if this was the best thing that ever happened to me? The only negative point that I can raise is that the Wealthy Affiliate videos are not shot at the highest resolution rate, the mobile version of the training can also be improved on as I found it not to be well-designed for mobile. You can follow it on your mobile device but stopping, pausing and screen resolutions of the videos creates problems on the mobile version. I would rate Wealthy Affiliate program a 4.5 out of 5 and I would rate the ability to feel comfortable to market Wealthy Affiliate as education platform 5 out of 5.

Live Events

As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate (the only paid level) you get access to live weekly training about topics concerning the latest developments, trending subjects and general important skill development to keep you up-to-date and equipped for running your online business. This is the important stuff to help you make money, not emotional loaded rubbish content, continuously beating the same drum. Real value are being provided with relative informative topics by a real expert in the industry. You further have access to a library of all the weekly events that you can catch up on at your suitable time. That is important because Wealthy Affiliate serves a global audience in different time zones. You might not be able to watch the event live at 3 o’clock in the morning but you can access it at your suitable time.

Training facilitators

Kyle Co Founder of Wealthy AffiliateThe Wealthy Affiliate training program are being presented by Kyle the co-founder himself. You can can view the founders Kyle & Carson’s websites, blogs, pictures and how they conduct themselves within the community that they built. To me it is important because with the previous affiliate program I joined I felt disconnected from the owners or founders of the company. The so called essential training program was presented by other members which I felt at times was not the real experts in the field. Don’t get me wrong other top affiliate marketers’ input is important but I just felt more at home and comfortable with the fact that the founder was presenting and deliver this important technical information. The weekly training classes are being presented by Jay who is known for his charming personality, natural radio voice, honestly and accurate answers about online business.


Wealthy Affiliate website manager The free membership gives you 2 free websites. All right is built on their Siterubix platform but whow! 2 Free website to start an online business. Anyone can do this even an unemployed person coupled that with the level 1 training module and you are set! There is a lot of value right there. As a free online marketing platform I would rate it 5 out of 5. Anyone can build a WordPress website these days. You do not have to be a developer and there are no complicated coding involved. Any passion or hobby can be turned into a money-making business by building your own website for free!  You can actually get started right here in the block below by entering your preferred domain name. If it is not available, try again using a different name. Have fun building your own unique personal or business website for free.   Let’s dive a little deeper into the paid version or premium membership as Wealthy Affiliate calls it. You get access to 50 websites. These websites come with backup facilities and 24 hr support. That is if you cannot find answers to your question within the large members community. You have the options of adding security to all your websites with free SSL secure website. There is also other options of speeding up your website speed etc. Wealthy Affiliate monitor all websites 24 hours per day and offer full redundancy. The websites are complemented with the following add-on services as a premium and free member:

Site manager

The site manager gives you a summary of all the important aspects happening with your websites. From the site manager you can access the wordpress back end of your website. Important information about your site health check for google rankings, pages, comments, google index and site monitoring are presented. I love this feature because I have one place from where I can get a snapshot of my business websites. I further love the fact that I can access these sites directly from my site manager.

Site builder

A very nice feature for newbies to the website design is the site builder. Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to start building your website with free themes on your domain. As previously explained you can start building your business on a free SiteRubix domain or on a domain that you own.

Site Domains

Domains are your online business’ “real estate”. You build your business, website and name on a domain that you own. You can buy and manage your domain on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. At Wealthy Affiliate you can buy .com, .org, .net domains but not local designated domains. You can still host your domain with Wealthy Affiliate by pointing domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to WA Servers and host your websites. I found the local domain aspect to be a drawback of Wealthy Affiliate domains.

Site Hosting

You have to pay an additional fee for hosting at around $13 per year per website. This is actually very affordable compared to the competition in the industry. Wealthy Affiliate offer all their clients “double hosting” with full redundancy, in case of one of your websites were to go down, to for some reason they will have a “mirror” of your website running at all times that can be swapped instantly. With hosting speed of Amazon c3.large (faster) and 30GB website space Wealthy Affiliate ensures that your websites will be run on a powerful, incredibly fast platform. Bandwidth of 500K Visitors per month you can rest assure that your website will be able to handle many visitors enabling you to make money. By including comprehensive website features within the Wealthy Affiliate platform prospective internet entrepreneurs can truly learn and earn. A lot of value is compacted within the successful website hosting. I appreciate the fact that Wealthy Affiliate attempts to keep the cost as low as possible for you to start your online business with free domains, websites, wordpress backbone of your websites and over 3000 free website themes to choose from. Like previously mentioned the inability to obtain a local domain from Wealthy Affiliate is a little drawback therefore I would rate their website hosting platform a 4.5 out of 5. Build your own===>> free website


Every university or college has its own unique characteristic that either offend you or that leaves you with a sense of belonging. The Wealthy Affiliate community is massive to put it lightly. Although big with over 800,000 members from 195 countries, you do not feel lost or overwhelmed. The size of the community provide you actually with the opportunity to be “picky” with whom you want to connect with and that is what I like. It is so easy to connect with people that I sometimes doubt the fact that the community is really that big. With this large community it means that you get help within an instant. I joined Wealthy Affiliate to make money, the forming of business relationship was not really high on my agenda. I found the business relationships to be an added bonus as actually helps you towards that goal. People do achieve success within Wealthy Affiliate that has a motivating, inspiring quality that assure you that this can be done and that you can make a success of this. The golden thread that runs through all the advice provided by the community Ambassadors and leaders within the group are the same and really simple.
  • Diligently complete the training course and tasks provided by Wealthy Affiliate;
  • Stay up-to-date with the weekly classes;
  • Follow the top 200 members and see what they are doing;
  • Have fun doing what you love and follow your passions.
The helpful community that can provide timely advice and in the attitude it is being provided with a spirit of paying it forward scores a 5 out of 5. I have experienced from my previous affiliate program that certain groups are formed exclusively for certain types of people which is fine. The problem happens that some of these groups starts dominating the proceedings of the platform with inside comments and insider jokes. This leaves you with a feeling of wasting time with fruitless chatting or videos which is not entirely why I joined and that was how to make extra money on the internet. Sweet and simple.

Affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate boasts that it is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world. You can partake in our affiliate program free of charge as part of your membership. When you If you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate they are your lifetime referral. This is a very lucrative deal for anybody who don’t have a product yet to market on the internet. STARTER Member Commissions for your free account: You can earn commission although the Wealthy Affiliate program has not cost you a cent with the following commission structure. Initial $19 offer, Commission earning = $4 $49 a month, Commission earning = $11.25 recurring $359 a year, Commission earning = $87.50 recurring PREMIUM Member Commissions: As a premium member you earn 100% more commission with the following structure Credits: Setting-up their account = $1 Domain Purchases: $1 recurring Initial $19 offer, Commission earning = $8 $49 per month, Commission earning = $23.50 recurring $359 per year, Commission earning = $175 recurring. With the Wealthy Affiliate program commission structure you can get your internet business on the roll and start to make extra money online. That is why you are here and that is why you joined. The Wealthy Affiliate program has the following features: You get full details about the Affiliate Program, the commission structures, your main affiliate link, your incentive countdown, etc. With Stats you can go to get detailed information about stats and all commissions/transactions. All the interaction and communication (questions) that are taking place within Wealthy Affiliate in respect to your referrals are listed as tasks for you to complete. This helps you to interact effectively with your referrals which leads to higher conversions. My referrals show you all your referrals that have joined through your affiliate link, both Starter and Premium. Links & Tracking is where you can to get all of your affiliate links, to create your own tracking links, and to add tracking for services like Google Adwords, and Messages are automated, follow-up messages that you can create for your referrals. Wealthy Affiliate Banners are provided that you can use on social media, on your website, or anywhere you like that you can add a banner promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You are not only limited to the Wealthy Affiliate banners created by Wealthy Affiliate, you can also create your own banners. As a newbie the Wealthy Affiliate banners can help you with images and get you started earning commission. The credo learning and earning is attainable with nearly 50% of the commission paid to affiliates. For the Wealthy Affiliate program I would give a rating of 5 out of 5.

Success – guaranteed

With 2.8 billion buyers on the internet everyday you can achieve success if you do the right things right. Wealthy Affiliate have thousands of successful entrepreneurs that you can surround yourself with. It’s easy you, follow them and see what they have done and are still doing. They are also not shy to share their recipes what have worked for them and what have not. There is the shortcut, to your success: Find help from the right people. We are all unique with different interests. No niche is fully explored. The development of digital economy is still in the starting phase of development there are literally millions of opportunities.

Pricing and value – the real test

You join an affiliate program to make extra money, not to spend extra money. The competitor of Wealthy Affiliate would use a rational that you can earn a lot of commission and that you should be resourceful as an entrepreneur to find the money to join them. I tried to be resourceful, if you are considering borrowing money to make use of a special offer, you should seriously re-consider the affiliate program. Rather, do as much as possible free stuff until you are 110% certain about the affiliate program. If you have not earned a cent after completing the affiliate program certificate program: I would suggest that you get out. I have laid out the Wealthy Affiliate price list compared to equivalent competitor’s prices below. Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the better option in terms of pricing.
WA-Free member WA=Premium member Competitor level certificaction
Entrance fee $0 $0 $2,500
First month $0 $19 $197
Monthly subscription $0 $49 $197
Annual subscription $0 $359 $2,364
Annual renewal fee $0 $0 $2,500

Wait! there are more benefits


Market research is one of the backbones of success on the internet. Jaaxy is not only an advanced platform reducing time-consuming research. It helps with managing all aspects of keyword-, competition-, affiliate-, domain- and market research. The free Wealthy Affiliate membership gives you 30 searches completely free and as a premium member you have unlimited access to the Jaaxy research tool. Content Generator Creating content is instrumental to internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has created a dream writing platform for creating content, organising and retrieving those content. The site content enables you to directly publish content on your websites. You get access to your content from a dashboard where your articles are stored and organised. A very helpful feature is the ability to work from templates which is already created and that you can add to. Other that a grammar and spell checker you also have the ability to see if your article has been indexed in Google.

My final verdict and Special BONUS!

We have looked at the most important elements that you should consider during or before joining an internet affiliate program. We have further considered how Wealthy Affiliate measures up considering my experience with its competitors in the affiliate -marketing and -education industry. I have ranked Wealthy Affiliate with a score out of 5 for each of these important elements.
Element WA score out of 5
Integrity and clarity of program 5
For not being a pyramid scheme 5
Education Quality of training course 4.5
Ability to market as educational tool 5
Live events 5
Training facilitators 5
Websites 5
Site hosting 4.5
Community 5
Affiliate program marketing 5
Pricing and value 5
Extra’s 5
Total score out of 60 59


Joining the Wealthy Affiliate starter pack is FREE! You get access to the amazing Wealthy Affiliate University at no cost! During the month of November Wealthy Affiliate is running a live webinar series on E-commerce. You have to be a premium member to get access to this hot trending topic. If you become a premium member within the first 7 days you get the first month’s premium membership for only $19 (59% discount) and you get access to the live E-commerce training webinars and 100’s of other training videos. Trust me you do not want to miss this November’s E-commerce webinars. Nvember 2018 Bonus E-commerce training How to claim your bonus… Once you have set up your free account, I will personally welcome you and guide you on the steps to become a premium member at the discount price of $19, but don’t worry it is a simple hassle-free process.
Verdict I give Wealthy Affiliate a score of 98/100 which is extremely good. It is truly amazing that they promise that you won’t fail with their program. That is a bold statement but I kind-of-believe it after I have done my research on their program and I have joined Wealthy Affiliate myself. The fact still remains that it is up-to-you to make a success of your internet business but at Wealthy Affiliate, everything is set up for you to reduce your business risk to the bare minimum. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment below I would love to get in contact with you.    

6 thoughts on “Starting an affiliate career – What is the best affiliate program”

  1. Hello Louis,
    I like the way you describe about WA. Very well laid, nicely written complete with all the necessary information needed by anyone who’s interested in beginning their affiliate / internet marketing journey otherwise known as a blogger too (in layman terms).


    • Hi Chris
      Thank you, what more can we say about Wealthy Affiliate? It can truly be described as Wealthy Affiliate University.
      All the best

  2. I am a pretty thorough and I understand due diligence when looking into things before going gong ho all in on anything. But, what I have run into time and time again is, the information I find on a lot of the online money making opportunities is a lot of the info is false or fraudulent. Or there is not enough information to make a logically sound decision on anything. Your review on Wealthy Affiliate is the most thorough and comprehensive information regarding an online opportunity of a business/program that I have come across. You have restored my faith in the possibility of an online income. Wealthy Affiliate definitely sounds like the program I am looking for!

    Thank you so much for your insight!


    • Hi Dwilli
      Thank you for your comment.
      I have also been trapped into “making money online” opportunities. I did not do my homework properly back then. A lot has changed for me, with the amazing Wealthy Affiliate program.
      With the online business getting BIGGER & BIGGER who do not want to make use of the opportunities of the internet? For me, a program like Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute necessity if you want to grow in this space. Somebody that has joined Wealthy Affiliate will know exactly what I am talking about.
      All the best and peace.

  3. Hi Louis
    I am half way of another affiliate program but as you mentioned you will need to pay upwards over 5 digits to enjoy the highest level of support.Though I can afford to pay, I am concerned and wondering whether 1) will I be churning huge income by solely referring as many leads as possible to highest level member and what about other products and services that I intend to reach to market? 2) How can I outreach to people encouraging people to be a digital entrepreneur if confirming the funneling system if up selling the membership 3) not everyone can afford the 5 figures fee. Especially in my region

    Also Need your opinion – I did register my domain name through their platform though I don’t think they are hosting as I received another company domain confirmation .Can I transfer the domain hosting anytime ?


    • Hi Kimsoo

      These are my opinions

      1. All affiliates have the same goal and that is to reach your audience with the least costs and to convert as many leads as possible and thereby earning a commission. To do this well you need to be involved with products and services you trust. You need to reach your audience. In choosing the products or services look at the commission that these pays, it is important to consider whether your efforts will be rewarded with an equal amount of commission.
      Also, consider your knowledge about these products, especially with products you can be perceived as an authority. Once you master one product you can expand into other products. One of the worst things that you can do is to have too many products with too little focus on your core products.

      2. From an ethical point of view, I have a problem with sales funnels that are just designed to get more money without adding any value. That is what I love about Wealthy Affiliate. There is just one price for the premium membership and you get everything. No hidden costs, no up-selling no opting you into buying more but essentially giving less.

      3. Affordability is a very difficult concept. I am an advocate for using as many “free” tools as possible until it produces an income that will enable you to have money to invest in more powerful money-generating tools. Knowledge is power and by attaining knowledge more doors will open that will result in economic flow. It is important to move away from the concept of scarcity although it is very challenging.
      Your audience can have the opportunity with an online business to tap into markets that do have excess money and that is willing to pay for value. By tapping into those markets more funds can potentially flow to your region.

      4. Yes, you can transfer your domain. I have done it before it takes a little bit of tenacity. For me, the best thing to do is to keep the domain where it is and when it expires to renew it on your new hosting platform. That has worked the best for me. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the option to host your website on a domain registered another platform.

      I hope I have answered all your questions, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any more questions.

      Louis Munro


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