Is Black Friday worth it?

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We are approaching one of the most exciting times of the year. What am I talking about? It is not Christmas yet, although I have already seen a few posts about Christmas. I am talking about “BLACK FRIDAY”.

Consumers go into a frenzy when they are able to save a ton of money or are able to get double or triple the value for the same price.

Business owners get excited as the revenue numbers climb which was always a “slump” period before the Black Friday theme arose.

However you look at it, it is nearly impossible to carry on with our normal lives without hearing or reading something about Black Friday.

Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate black Friday Event

My friends I am extremely grateful for the Black Friday sale at Wealthy Affiliate. Although I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate as my No. 1 Recommendation, I also  have to pay for the wonderful services and education that is being brought to me by the Wealthy Affiliate “University”.

Don’t get me wrong at the normal cost of $49 monthly, premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is a no-brainer. But to be able to get the same value for only $299 per year which equals to nearly $25 per month is just “sick”.

To sweeten the offer even more, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate decided that I can get the same deal for $299 and an entire year will be added to my membership. And if that is not enough I will be locked in that lower rate (a 51% discount) going forward into the future.

Is it too late to start an online business in 2018?

Online Commerce has been around since 2001 and Amazon is now one of the largest corporations in the world. 17 Years later it seems that we may have missed the bus. The answer to that question is definitely no

It is not too late to start an online business. It is believed that the digital economy is going to pick up momentum from 2018 onward to far into the 2020s. Who knows what is in stored for us in the future but it is predicted that we have only touched the tip of possibilities within the online economy.

There are still many industries that have not been disrupted at all by online businesses. Only a limited number of industries has really progressed online. Like Netflix in the entertainment industry, Uber in the transport industry, Amazon in retail to name a few. Certain industries are ripe and ready for the picking.

The current trend is “online” and it is definitely not too late to climb on this bus and catch the “online bus”.

Where is my golden nugget?

You may be fortunate to be young whilst reading this before you could waste your time and money studying something you have no desire to do for the rest of your life.

It is a fact that none of the educational institutions currently prepare you for the online economy. You are not being taught how to start an E-commerce business, or how to run Social Media Campaigns or how to create content for Search Engine Optimization like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You may be older, and in a career or job that you hate and that is not paying you your true worth. You may even be a pensioner and realised that your pension plan is running out of money.

It actually makes no difference who you are or how old you are. Your unique experience has shaped you into the person you are today and that unique person can bring a unique perspective to the online economy.

The answer: Your passion is your golden nugget. You can create a successful online business around your passion and that may result in building your business which will not feel like work, but more like living out your passion every day.

That is exactly what we are being taught at Wealthy Affiliate. We get all the necessary tools and information that we need to make a success of our passion owning a business online.

There are millions of niches in the online economy that are not being explored and converted into profitable businesses. That is the golden nuggets waiting to be discovered.

Everybody will be competing for your pocket on 23 November 2018

We are going to be swamped with too-good-to-be-true deals starting 23 November 2018. I want to ask you to seriously consider where you are going to spend your money this year? Are you going to buy another item which you don’t need, because it is cheap and will be forgotten by this time next year?

Do something different and invest in yourself, invest in your own knowledge. This small step might result into a giant leap into the right direction of your future. I have taken the step into the online business roughly a year ago and my-oh-my have I learned a lot and have I achieved many things.

My short list of achievements

  • I built 3 active websites;
  • I have written more than 50 blogs in English (not my home language);
  • I have ranked my websites with Google;
  • I have actively contributed on Social Media and developed 3 brands;
  • I have created my own videos, edited it myself and published it;
  • I have created a network of liked minded people all over the world with whom I can connect with whenever I want;
  • I have provided consulting services to many existing businesses on how to manage their online marketing;
  • I have made money on the internet.

Give your passions a chance this year on Black Friday

You have taken the effort to read this article this far, I want to thank you for giving up your time to read it . There are too many things to name in this short space about what you can discover at Wealthy Affiliate with your own online business.

Each person’s journey is unique and each person’s experience at Wealthy Affiliate is different, but there are one common thread among all the active members at Wealthy Affiliate. They are happy that they are giving their dreams a chance.

If you want to give your passions a chance this year, I have prepared a separate Page where you can learn  more  about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special.


 If you are still unsure sign up as a FREE MEMBER, take some action and see where the Wealthy Affiliate “University” will take you.

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) still in public practice and an entrepreneur for over 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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