How to become an authority in your niche

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Ever wondered how to become an authority in your niche and why it is important? I have noticed a direct link between being an authority in the market and success. People tend to gravitate online towards authority brands and authority figures.

Due to the importance of Authority Brands I have decided to do an editorial of the Live Training provided by Wealthy Affiliate on the subject of “Advancing Your Authority in Any Niche”

The live training done by Wealthy Affiliate can be viewed here …enjoy:

What determines Authority online

Authority applicable to businesses according to the Cambridge Dictionary:

The ability to influence others, especially because of one's recognized knowledge about something; Evidence or testimony, confidence resulting from great expertise; A person with extensive or specialized knowledge in a particular field, an expert; and A book or other source able to supply reliable information or evidence.

Combining the above an Online Authority would be: “A person or an online medium able to supply reliable information or evidence being recognized as an expert for their extenisve, specialized knowledge about a subject who has the power to influence others.” 

In simpler words it would be a person, website or online channel that you can completely trust due to its expert opinion. 

Examples of sources of authority sites online would be:

  1. Ecommerce: Amazon, Ebay providing secure online shopping;
  2. Search Engines: Google, Bing or Yahoo providing fast accurate search results;
  3. Online learning: Udemy being trustworthy for good valuable online courses;
  4. Technology: Wired​; 
  5. Business, investment and finance news: Moneyweb​;
  6. Music news: RollingStone​ and
  7. International news: CNN​ (although this could raise alot of debate regarding fake-news). 

The list goes on-and-on. You will be able to find people and their websites to be an authority in every niche and there are millions of niches. 

The characteristics of authority

People tends to gravitate towards an authority source because it is trustworthy, has extensive knowledge or opinion and is reliable. People gravitate towards a certain page, content, or person because they find it enjoyable, informative or a solution that they seek. 

People typically find authority by searching for it on Websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other online medium. 

A big characteristic of authortiy that stands out is that it has the “power to influence”.  The role of Influencers is a current trend identified in my article “The Top Business Ideas for 2019​”. Influencers are regarded as people that can be trusted for their opinion about a specific subject. More people are turning towards influencers before making purchase decisions than ever before. 

Business authority vs. Personal authority

Personal authority is a person with extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject; an expert

This definition tells me that you can become an authority in any niche, or may already be, an authority in a niche without knowing it. Most people have extensive knowledge about a subject that they are passionate about. It is as if they are naturally drawn to it. 

The best part is that you can take your knowledge and establish yourself as an authority within your passion or niche. 

So you may be an authortiy in a particular niche. Now the world needs to know about your authority and how do you do that? 

The best place to start is online. It is simple: More people are looking for information and solutions or reviews online than ever before in human history. 

You start by presenting your ideas in a website. In online marketing terms it is by generating content. 

How about kickstarting your authority in your chosen niche by claiming your 2 free websites right now. You can do this by following this link======>>>No Credit Card Needed.

How to build personal authority in any niche

Personal authority is achieved by showcasing YOU as the person behind your website’s ideas. Your “about me” page can tell WHY you are the authority. By sharing your content regularly accross social media channels and enagaging with other authorities in your niche is also a way to establish personal authority.

Involve other inlfuencers in your content by mentioning them. Interview other Influencers or do an editorial on their content. 

By personally engaging with your audience. A great way of doing this is asking a question from your audience. 

The reason why it is important to build yourself as an authority is because the long term investment made in yourself will pay off. For example you might one day sell your website but keep your personal authority which had become an asset. You might perform services or do other things that can be a source of income. Like consulting work. 

Below are the steps you need to follow to build your website or your business to become an authority in your niche. 

How to build your authority website in any niche

How not to be an authority is to use linkbait or clickbait. Although the intent would be to generate traffic, the content may not be of an authoritive nature because it is not trustworthy and not necessarily an expert opinion. This will result in your audience not perceiving you as a trustworthy source because your intent is misplaced, maybe only to make money…

When we specifically look at establishing an authority website you will need to do the following:

  1. Content: Good quality content. Quality is measured by its ability to inform, educate, be thought provoking, entertaining or present new ideas to a specific audience about a certain topic.  
  2. Engagement: Is about getting people to comment or to converse with your content this generates more content on your medium. It is a process that happens automatically as your business becomes more authorative more people want to engage with it. It does not only happen on a website it could be by social media, YouTube, Webinars, Emails etc. 
  3. Traffic: Will come by itself as more people will start to link with you or your business when you build great content and engage with people. 

After establashing your website as an authority the strategy to build on that authority would be to add volume. This is achieved by adding more content, more engagement and more traffic. 

Authority by intent

You can become, or are already an authority, in a niche without knowing it. The best part is that you can take your knowledge and establish yourself as an authority within your passion or niche by presenting your knowledge in your unique way to an audience. 

Authority is achieved by diversification and not to present the same idea over and over again. 

Let’s take the cat niche to illustrate this and say that you love cats and have a passion for cats. 

Ideas in the cat niche

Cats is a very broad niche but within the cats niche you can create content about:
Funny cat moments cats playing on bed

Funny cat moments

Cat behaviour can sometimes be very funny, capturing and presenting that as content.

Small cat cute

Cute cat photos

I have seen beautiful cat photo’s that will turn a rough cowboy into a softhearted cheesy person.

Cat behaviour

Cats keep themselves busy for long periods of time, okay they sleep alot, but oh boy when they are awake they can behave like little playful mischiefs.


Sphinx cat

Different cat species

There are many different cat species, each with their own unique personalities, abilities and look. By providing information about the different cat species and which will fit best to your personality and lifestyle you are adding content.

Kittens in grass

Cat health

A healthy cat is a beautiful being to watch. You can advice about the do’s and dont’s to keep your cat healthy, or tips of owning and raising a healthy cat.

cat and dog loving each other

Cats and dogs

You own a dog but love cats too, how to let the 2 species live in peace and harmony.


Lazy cat laying and eat

Cat food

Which cat food is the best in each different price category.

Cat sitting on branch with full moon

The cat from hell

How to tame a cat from hell? Yes they do exists…we have one.

Habits create authority

Do what you realistically can cope with to become an authority. Thankfully due to the variables that determines success in a business there are no clear cut exact road to success to follow otherwise everybody would be doing it. 

You don’t have to be concerned that you will be caught up in a tiny little niche without the ability to generate content. Typically a niche will start off vague and as you build content you will start to be drawn into a specific area of that niche that are more specific. It happens all the time. 

The road to authority is to be a creature of habit, which is a normal characteristic of all humans. This time, in order to be an authority be a creature of good habits. That may be to consistently create, engage and put yourself out there on a daily basis. Inspiration may only last a few seconds or minutes, but a Good Habit can last and serve you a lifetime. 

All that you have to do is to get started.


This webinar was ended in the question and answer session by a very helpful nugget given by Jay Neill

He said: “When you run out of ideas about what content to generate within your niche, just think about the 5W’s…

  • Who; 
  • What;
  • Where;
  • When; and 
  • Why.  

– of your niche and you will come up with ideas to generate content”. 

This summarises the training provided on a very important aspect in business which takes place without much attention given to it. 

Next time when you are thinking about your business or the business you may want to start, ask yourself about the 5W’s and if you cannot find an answer to any, do not start that business or change what you are currently doing. 

This webinar training was again informative, clear and concise. That is one of the reasons I love what Wealthy Affiliate is doing. The road to authority and success in your niche is within your reach. It helps if you have a partner/coach in your corner like Wealthy Affiliate to guide you along. 

Do you regard yourself as an Authority or as having the potential to be an Authority? 

I would love to hear your thoughts, or about any person you regard as an authority, and the reasons why. 

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for more than 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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