Canva the ultimate graphic-design-tool review

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Is Canva the ultimate graphic design tool?

Canva is an online graphic-design platform used by more than 10m people on a daily basis.  

Canva provides images, photo filters, free icons, shapes and hundreds of font with thousands of pre-design layouts. 

Canva can be used for any design by using the Canva drag-and-drop features on professional layouts. 

This is my review about the  Canva graphic-design tool.  

We as marketers and business owners may not necessarily be graphic designers. But we do need graphics on a constant basis. We should not  underestimate our ability to create beautiful designs. I’m not replacing the valuable input of a graphic designer. When you start your business you may not have the funds available to afford the input of a professional graphic designer. A tool like Canva can be extremely helpful. 

Canva review

Canva Summary

Canva Graphic Designs

Canva – Free 

Canva for work – $12.95 monthly


$9.95 monthly billed yearly

Melanie Perkins

Cliff Obrecht

Cameron Adams

97 / 100 or 5 stars

Canva overview

Online Graphic Designer

Canva tools and features

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Iam create designs

Canva-Design Types

Canva provides a canvas of templates pre categorized to quickly start your design. With the following catgories - Social Media Posts - Documents: Letterheads, magazine covers etc. - Blogging & eBooks - Marketing Materials: Menus, posters, logos, business cards etc. - Social Media & Email Headers - Events: Invitation, cards programs etc. - Advertisements

Iam design elements

Canva - Elements

The Canva elements contains - Photos - Grids - Frames - Shapes - Lines - Illustrations - Icons - Charts - Canva branding There are thousands of elements that you can use to create your unique design. All the elements are drag-and-drop friendly. Adding a unique frame to your design or creating an asset with multiple grids. The are no limits with the elements of Canva.

Canva - Text

Adding your unique text to your design is so much fun and super easy! Canva has loaded a series of pre-designed typography text that load to your design in an instant. Then you can still change the font combinations, colour, size, spacing height. The margin indicator can easily help you align your text and results in your unique feeling and look of your design.

Canva generated background

Canva - Background

You can save your color palettes which helps you with your branding efforts. This help to ensure that you continue to use the exact match colors for your design. There are a range of free and paid backgrounds for your designs. Photo backgrounds are also available. The paid backgrounds costs $1.

Canva uploads by iam

Canva - Uploads

Give your unique touch and viewpoint by uploading your own files. This can be jpeg or png image files. You personalise your brand with the upload capabilities of Canva. The paid membership enables your to upload your own fonts, font combinations and color palettes. All the uploads are stored on the Canva website.

Canva resources by iam

Canva - Resources

Canva provides search support facilities with many helpful articles. Direct contact can be made with emailing. Different font combinations can be tried, free online photo editing, color palette generator and explore color combinations. A limited design size guide as well as a library of online design courses. Finally there are teaching material should you would like to teach Canva in your classroom.

Create a Design

Below I show a quick design performed on Canva

Play Video


Most frequent questions and answers

Canva can be used by anybody. For personal purposes to design your own invitations, magazines, birthday cards, social media banners for printed or online purposes. To business owners who  would like to have more design options at their disposal for marketing purposes. To non-profit organizations to drive their funds raising initiatives. 

Yes, Canva has a free option that provides extensive use capabilities.  

Canva is an online design tool where you can store and obtain access to your designs from anywhere.

There are design courses and case studies available. Canva has thousands of beautiful templates that can be used as starting point for your next project.

  • It is FREE!
  • Easy to set-up, no complicated installations and start designing from pre-designed templates.
  • Online storage of all your designs that can be organized in folders.  
  • You can give your team members access to your designs and start collaborating on designs.   
  • You can upload your own images and fonts.
  • Access to thousands of templates
  • Download your designs and with the paid version you can download transparent backgrounds. 
  • No previous graphic design experience required with the Canva drag-and-drop features. Designing becomes easy ans fun. You can’t break it!
  • No credit card details are requested when you sign-up your free account. This gives you peace of mind and assurance.
  • You can resize your many designs instantly to suit your requirements. 
  • You can save your own templates for you and your team.
  • Resize designs in custom dimensions. 
  • Export designs as animated GIFs
  • Nonprofit organizations can obtain Canva for work at no cost. 
  • The are no adverts running on your Canva project or during your design process.
  • Present numbers beautifully with Canva’s free online graph tool.  
  • It is easy to upgrade your account and you can try Canva for work (the paid version) for 30-days free. 

Canva is a state-of-the-art, free design tool. You are restricted to 1GB of storage space with the free version. You are further restricted from downloading your free designs in high resolution and cannot perform resizing of your projects. There are actually not any negative features in Canva. 

Nothing, you keep access to all your design projects with more benefits that are unlocked for you. 

Canva Pricing


$ 0
/ MO
  • 2 Folders to organise designs
  • 1 GB storage
  • Over 8000 templates
  • Upload own images
  • Millions of photos starting from $1 each


$ 12
95 / MO
  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited storage
  • Over 400,000 free photos, illustrations and templates
  • Upload own images
  • Millions of photos starting from $1 each
  • Team functionalities
  • Magically resize designs
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Set color palettes for branding
  • Save team templates
  • Organize photo's in folders
  • Search function to find designs easily
  • Instantly resize designs into custom dimensions
  • Transparent background download
  • Export designs in animated GIFs
  • Priority support

CANVA enterprise

/ MO
  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited storage
  • Over 400,000 free photos, illustrations and templates
  • Upload own images
  • Millions of photos starting from $1 each
  • Team functionalities
  • Magically resize designs
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Set color palettes for branding
  • Save team templates
  • Organize photo's in folders
  • Search function to find designs easily
  • Instantly resize designs into custom dimensions
  • Transparent background download
  • Export designs in animated GIFs
  • Priority support
  • Everything of Canva for work plus: Team administrative controls; onboarding incentives; dedicated account manager; 99.9% uptime SSL

Conclusion and verdict

Canva by infinite affiliate marketing

My rating score of the most important aspects of Canva % out of 100 (see below)

1 %
Canva templates
1 %
Canva Features
1 %
Canva resources
1 %
Canva design types
1 %
Canva pricing

My findings:

Canva Design Types

When  I started with Canva this was the feature I used first. I loved it! All the different design types are neatly organised and presented. Under each design type you find the necessary templates. Any business will find value and something they can use. Any person can start designing. My 12 year old daughter designed her own birthday invitation which she sent electronically to her friends. 

Canva Elements

Due to the fact that I run most of my designs from Canva templates. I do not use the elements of Canva that regularly. It is mostly suitable for a specific design or feature that you are looking for. Now that I have discovered the photo categories I think this feature will be used much more.

Canva Text

Adding text to your design is a breeze with Canva. Adding value with text to your images and photo’s is a necessity in certain circumstances. I love the text templates because it gives me inspiring ideas.  Text can be added, copied, moved, turned, enhanced with different colors and letter spacing and letter height is not problem. 

Canva Background

The background of your design is extremely important. Search for your desired background. Drag and drop it in your design and whala! You can mess around with unlimited ideas. The photo images used in this article has being created by using the Canva Background tool. 

Canva Uploads

Creating unique content is simple and easy with Canva uploads. The upload speed is fast and thereafter you can mess around with your own photo by using photo filters, color enhancement and text. To date I had no failures with uploads. 

Canva resources

Canva is so easy to use that I have limited experience with Canva resources. I definitely can see the value of learning more concepts of graphic design and colors. Canva has not once failed me. A support query of mine was dealt with effectively and timeously.

Final conclusion:

  1. Canva is a stable very efficient online graphic design tool.
  2. Canva is easy to use with the drag and drop features putting design within reach of anybody. 
  3. Canva has saved me hours of time by enabling me to create designs online.
  4. The Canva templates is one of the best features of Canva as it gives you examples and ideas for your own ideas. 
  5. Canva storage and folders assisted me to organize my work and to easily find my work later.  
  6. I could use my own designs as templates which is a great help for congruency 
  7.  Now my designs look professional with the text editor of Canva.
  8. Canva’s instant resizing capabilities is really magical. I have used this feature to resize many designs at once. 
  9. Canva designs are easy to share for collaboration by your team members.   
  10. Exporting my designs from Canva is simple and quick. 
  11. Unfortunately Canva has no affiliate program
I definitely recommend Canva.  Canva is without a doubt the best and most comprehensive online graphic design tool that I have come across. Canva has so many applications and can be used by children, students, professionals, business owners and people who just want to have fun creating their own unique designs. The free version is sufficient for those who just want to use Canva for private use. I definitely would rather recommend Canva for work for entrepreneurs who want to use their Canva designs in their businesses.  It is no surprise to me that well known large corporations use Canva as well as millions of other people. I fell in love with Canva and I am sure you would too. 

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for the past 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

Have you ever thought about using a graphic design tool to play with?

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