Best website hosting services

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The most important part of owning a website is choosing the best website hosting service. There are many things to consider and things to avoid when you decide to launch a website.

Many small businesses that outsource their digital marketing services are not even aware of the importance of website hosting when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. Too much focus is placed on how the website looks and less on how it functions.

What to consider when deciding on a hosting service?

The best website hosting services will have you covered with the following aspects:

  • Website Speed
    How fast your website loads is not only important for rankings with Search Engines like Google but it is also important for the user experience. User frustration due to slow website speed will result in a major loss of traffic.
  • SiteSSL (HTTPS)
    It is not possible to receive payments on your website if it is not secure. When your website is not secure there will be a message displayed in the top bar that the website “is not secure” and that is something that all businesses will want to avoid.

    A secure website has the “S” displayed in their address e.g. as opposed to (http).

https pointed at Iam

Security on a website is achieved by having an SSL certificate for the website. This can be bought at a cost ranging between $50 – $100 per year but the best website hosting service companies normally provide it for free as part of their package.

  • Security
    Websites are highly vulnerable and subject to attacks. As soon as you make and receive payments on your website it becomes crucial to ensure that your website is secure. Security is also important when you receive personal information from the visitors on your website. People maybe subscribe to your services or offerings and it is your responsibility to ensure that the sensitive information is protected from theft and abuse.

    The 3 aspects of securing your website will be:
    – Protection against hacking;
    – Protection against malware and spam; and
    – Protection against Bot-net attack.

    Spam that lands on your website clutters your database with unnecessary data. This reduces the speed on your site and it takes many hours and hard work to recover and to part the real data from the fake information.

    You can find plugins that claims to protect your website but there are weaknesses with plugins. The major problem with spam blocking plugins is that spam still lands on your site. Ideally you want to prevent spam from reaching website. Plugins also slows down your site.

  • Disaster Recovery
    Websites can be disrupted and messed-up in many ways. The most common may be changing of website themes, or even updates of WordPress, themes or plugins. This may result in the website not functioning as it is supposed to, look as intended or scrambled.

    At the back end of websites are coding. This is basically the programming of the website and result in what the visitors see and experience. Inexperienced attempts to adjust the coding of a website can result in disaster and but it can happen very easily. Although the intentions were honest and not malicious these things happen.

    We have all been in a position where we have lost data or our work. The best peace of mind is that backsups are taken care of at the website hosting level as well. We all forget to make backups.

  • Email addresses
    Having you covered with your domain name Email address will ensure authenticity to your audience and is an important element of building your brand and establishing your authority in the market.
  • Site Support
    You know the feeling…when you want something done or have a problem you want it solved now. It is frustrating to extend a problem to a later date. This clutters the brains with unneccessary issues to deal with.

    A very frustrating aspect is if your website hosting support or digital marketing agency is on the other side of the world and you cannot be served due to timezone differences.

    The best website hosting service providers will give you 24/7 support all year round. Live chats any time of the day is priceless as well.

  • Price
    Website hosting prices vary a lot and in many cases you get what you pay for but you can be smart about it by doing your homework. Avoid situations where you have a amazing website but the user experience is frustrating due to slow website speed.

    The best is to look at all the apects to ensure that your website functions as it is intended and that you get the best value for your money.

    I have made a helpful price comparison later in the article.

What hosting services to avoid

1. Avoid the Endurance International Group (EIG) web hosting brands. EIG owns more than 60 well known hosting brands and is one of the major players in the hosting industry. EIG owns brands such as HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster, iPage, FatCow, JustHost, Arvixe, A Small Orange and HostNine. EIG obtained these brands by its popular takeover strategy.

A big progblem with EIG is that if you experience a problem with your website hosting and you search for an alteranative, your search will end up with the top 10 options that belongs to EIG anyway and you are back where you started.

EIG is also well known for the biggest outages in the web hosting industry in recent years when millions of HostGator, BlueHost and HostMonster customers lost services as the EIG datacenter in Utah took a hit on th 2nd of August 2013. It affected phone lines and servers in all their hosting facilities.

For a list of all the EIG web hosting brands follow this link ====>>>>

2. Avoid Godaddy. Many people get a domain from Godaddy and then think that their website hosting service is good. Godaddy is the biggest domain registrate in the world that employs over 6000 staff and has 17 million customers.

Godaddy has good average uptime and site speed but their price plans are expensive and limited. Their upsells are bad and will leave you paying for services which other hosting providers give for free. To renew your SSL certificate will cost you a whopping $75/year.

Godaddy gives you 1(ONE) Email account hosted with the lousy Outlook and the renewal fee is $60 per year per mailbox.

Godaddy’s support get mixed reviews. You can read more about the pains of Godaddy over here ====>>>

3. Avoid the small “mom and pop” website hostings which is the other extreme of website hosting. It is basically the tiny website hosting companies. They do not have the funds to invest in the proper hardware and staff support services. Basic hardware will set them back thousands of dollars and they just do not have the funds to do it.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers the best website hosting service

Wealthy Affiliate is known for providing the most powerful website hosting platform in the world. All the features of Weatlhy Affiliate makes it the best werbsite hosting service. I am referring to the following:

1. Value proposition 
All premium members at WA get in total 50 websites. 25 own domain websites and 25 SiteRubix websites. A SiteRubix free website is built on the SiteRubix platform and your chosen domain name will contain “SiteRubix” in your domain name
For example my tester website:

SiteRubix website example

Not a problem as SiteRubix websites rank the same as any other website with search engines.

2. SiteSpeed
Wealthy Affiliate take site speed to the next level at no extra cost to its Users.

The average load time of 1.3 seconds per website is achieved by Wealthy Affiliates uniquely brilliant “load limiting” process that monitor websites and make sure they are always running optimally.

You can activate the WA SiteSpeed AccelaratedSite speed Accelerated’s default caching option provides speed improvements for cached pages up to 20 x faster than normal loading. The WA SitesSpeed Accelarater is a sophisticated, highly compatible, and ultra fast caching option to vastly increase the overall speed of websites.

You can take speed optimization to the next level with the WA SiteSpeed Extreme. SiteSpeed Extreme uses the same technology as the SiteSpeed Accelerated, however by combining and minifying Javascript and CSS bigger speed gains is achieved with the highest Google PageSpeed Insight scores.

3. Free SiteSSL (HTTPS)
You receive a free SSL certificates on all your websites at no additional charge during the life of your website whilst being hosted at WA. Your websites are served with 256-bit Encrypted Connections that search engines love for free.

4. Best Secure Hosting
WA blocks ALL automated spam before your site is hit at the server level with it’s WA SiteProtect. WA has several layers of security to protect websites from hacking, malware, and bot-net attacks.

5. Disaster recovery
WA has you covered with daily snapshots of your website and they can get your website up and runnng again very fast. That is in case you haven’t made your own back-ups. This comes standard with all websites.

6. Unlimited Email accounts
You are not paying additional fees for your unlimited Email accounts for each website.

7. Site support
When you need it you can get site support within minutes with WA 24 hours worldwide Technical Site support. The average support response time is 1 minute.

Community support of more than 1 million live community members. Live chat function has you covered as well wherever in the world you are.

8. Double redundancy technology
WA websites function with double hosting to reduce site outages to the bare minimum. There is always 2 copies of your website and the mirror site will swop in, if your website goes down for any unknown reason. This is standard with all WA websites at no additional charge.

9. SiteHealth
You can manage your site health by having a summary of all the most important aspect of each of your websites at your fingertips. This is a great tool which saves you time and helps with your SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

checking website health

10. Site Comments
The Website Engagement platform ensures engagement within your website content to achieve high rankings on search engines. Earn credits by offering comments which you can use to obtain Site Comments for your content. A community that pays it forward and help each other. 

Wealthy Affiliate site comments

11. Site Builder
A website builder that provides you with over 3000 templates and the WordPress content management tool. This can assist you to have a website up and running within minutes on the best website hosting service.

12. Site Feedback
Learn what others think about your website look, design, content and overall direction with your website

Wealthy Affiliate Site Feedback

Wealthy Affiliate can be regarded as the best website hosting service because it simply provides the most features at the lowest cost. There is no comparison whereby you can get a website hosting service and much, much more for less than $1 a month if you are running 50 websites.

Website Hosting Price Comparison

This table below provides a quick price comparison and a few snapshots of different prices.




WP Engine



$49 / month




Nr of websites





Instant DNS Setup

Hosting Speed

Amazon c3.large (faster)

Amazon (med. speed)



Website Space





Bandwidth Included

500K visitors/month

100K Visitors/month

400K Visits/month

100K Visitors/month

SSL Certificates




Site Builder Included

Staging Environment

Full Redundancy

Enterprise Security

Daily Website Backups

24/7 Access to Server Admins

Email Accounts


BotNet Security




Website Feedback

Community Access

1-on-1 Marketing Mentorship


We have covered:

  1. What to consider when looking for the best website hosting service;
  2. What hosting services to avoid;
  3. Why Wealthy Affiliate offers the best website hosting service; and
  4. A quick price comparison.

With this information you are equiped to make the right decision of the most important aspect of any website.

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for more than 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the article. Liked the way you described everything.

    If you want an affordable hosting provider, but you also need reliability and trust. Remember the old term, you get what you pay for. Here are some points that you need to think before choosing a hosting platform-

    1. Unlimited hosting
    2. 24/7 Customer care support
    3. Additional features
    4. Advanced malware protection
    5. Secure site certification
    6. Malware and spam protection
    7. Easy site builder


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