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Welcome to Iam (Infinite Affiliate Marketing). At Iam our aim is to solve your money problems once and for all by enabling you with all the tools you need to own a profitable business, online. There are infinite opportunities to explore within the digital world that have become accessible to billions of people. Affiliate marketing is by far the simplest and cheapest way to start your online journey and to tap into the booming digital economy.

You are not required to invest millions in a scheme that you don’t have control over. You get the opportunity to invest in yourself, to obtain the skills and learn the secrets of a successful online business. With that key, you can open the door to your future. There are endless opportunities in this, relatively new, digital economy where you can find your passion and pursue your own unique career.

At Iam we introduce you to affiliate marketing, give you the platform to build your business where you can become a part of a lively, large, like-minded community that shares knowledge and experience. The possibilities with affiliate marketing are infinite. 


My name is Louis and I am the person behind Iam. I have been an entrepreneur my entire life, except for a period where I worked as an accounting articles clerk for a period of 5 years during my university studies. My dream has always been to make lots of money. I basically started my studies to become a successful marketer but I deviated from that as I started to lean towards a job that would pay the highest salary. Eventually, I ended up as a qualified Chartered Accountant owning my own firm.

Thinking back to 2003, when I starting my own accounting firm was a very difficult time for me. At the time I did not actually realize the difficulty of what I was embarking on as I paid no attention to the obstacles. I knew I had no other choice than to make a success of what I started. The main reason for my mindset was that I had employees working for me and I could never face telling them that they would not have a livelihood tomorrow. This year my accounting firm Munro Accountancy celebrated its 15th year in business and it is getting stronger and stronger. 


In 2014, I made the brave decision to take my whole accounting firm into the cloud. I decided to use Google Drive as my firm’s digital platform. We put security measures in place, assigning rights and then we started to transfer a history of data to Google Drive. A whole new world opened for me as I started to realize the power and efficiency of the internet. I was now able to access files from anywhere and to collaborate with my team on shared projects. 

The Google platform was affordable, stable, secure and gave my firm a competitive advantage as I could save time on slow networks and back-ups, reduce downtime and data corruption. It was working so well that I eventually moved my office to my home whilst my firm’s head office remained in the city. 

We experienced no interruptions in data sharing and collaboration was simple and easy. All because of the digital technology that is available to everybody. The internet now has the ability to equip a small business with the tools that enable it to compete with the larger corporations. 


Although I had Google Business Suite I was still reliant on business-specific desktop software. As an example, our bookkeeping function performed for clients was still performed on a desktop server. Over the years I could never find an affordable time-keeping all integrated accounting solution for our business. Then Sage One happened. Sage One launched an accounting software package that was fully cloud based. This was the best thing that ever happened to my practice. I could run my client’s bookkeeping function in the cloud, giving access to the necessary people. Over and above user rights control I could also let clients run their own books in the cloud with Sage One and give my firm access to perform high-level accounting functions. The best thing about Sage was its integrated time-keeping module that gave us the ability to run projects and allocating time by my staff on those projects.

Sage was my firm’s new preferred Accounting package. Client’s first question normally after appointing you as an accountant is “what accounting package should my business use?” It is expected of you as an accountant to be able to suggest a solid package that is suitable for your client’s needs. Sage One ticks all off the boxes required by small and medium-sized enterprises and supported by the fact that my firm was extensively using Sage One ourselves for processing and within my own business. We are resellers of Sage Accounting software and have been for many years. Sage One offered an adviser’s program to people who were interested in marketing the product. Essentially it operates like an affiliate program where you earn commission on the successful marketing of products and services that you trust. 


Our firm earns commission on the Sage products that we endorse and which are being successfully implemented at clients. This commission has always been only a by-product of what we as Accountants do. Essentially accountants sell time. I was extremely excited about Sage Business Cloud Accounting and I thought that we could introduce it to a larger market. This is exactly where the conundrum started. As an accountant, I had no idea how to market a product or service. The more I investigated the subject the more evident became my lack of marketing knowledge and I realized the massive shortcomings of my business.

Outsourcing marketing was not working because as a firm we needed to generate content that speaks to our niche market ourselves because nobody understands our market’s needs better than ourselves. Leaving that in the hands of an outsourced marketer was a big mistake. It dawned on me, “how many opportunities have I been missing over the past 15 years?” “Where would my business have been and more importantly where would I have been if I started to pay more attention to the proper marketing of my business?”

At an age of 45 feeling that I have missed out on opportunities. I was now driven more than ever to find ways of getting the marketing knowledge that I sorely needed to market Sage Business Cloud Accounting. I did the maths on the lively income I could generate if I market this product successfully. I found a target goal that I could work towards and the income this would produce far exceeded my current business’ income. I knew one thing only and that is that this marketing strategy had to be online based. Two reasons, Firstly the product is a cloud based product, it does not make sense to market it with old traditional methods. Secondly, the leverage and compound effect that online marketing can give you be unparalleled. At that time a video popped-up promoting the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) Laptop Lifestyle. SFM’s goal is to educate people about internet marketing by focusing on mentorship. I needed the online marketing skills and without thinking twice I signed-up. 


SFM taught me about sales funnels and I quickly realized that I was in their sales funnel. I felt that at SFM you are continuously pressured to take the higher cost product in order to unlock more “value” for yourself. The more you pay the better mentorship you get and the more commission you earn. I was naive and signed up for a very expensive level which was still their lower spectrum product. As I progressed through the SFM modules my doubt about SFM’s intentions started to creep up. I discussed this issue with my fellow businesses partner Willem Jordaan. He was fully sold on the Sage marketing that we want to pursue online. Through his investigations, he found Wealthy Affiliates which provides marketing education, a platform to hone your skills and more. We decided to run our two different affiliate programs in conjunction and regularly check in to compare notes between the two.

As we progressed the more I started to favor and liked what Wealthy Affiliates was offering and doing. An event happened that was the final blow in my SFM coffin. The founding member Stuart Ross declared a long-awaited upgrade in their Digital Business Lounge which is the equivalent to Wealthy Affiliates Website Manager. He boasted that this upgrade was the latest and leading tool in the industry and of course wanted the members to invest more money into it. From the information gathered from what my partner was doing at Wealthy Affiliates, this has been covered by Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago without charging additional money for it. I immediately signed-up with Wealth Affiliate. Since the day I signed up I never looked back as I found the ideal and perfect match to hone my skills as a marketer.


Well, the short is that Iam can do for you what Wealthy Affiliate did for me. My journey is not over by a long way, but I know exactly where I am headed and what I need to do to market my product and businesses. I have a passion for entrepreneurship as I see entrepreneurs as the driving force behind human advancement. It is entrepreneurs that brings us wonderful solutions, it is entrepreneurs that create and give jobs and it is entrepreneurs who are improving lives through their businesses.

I further believe that the digital economy is going to become much bigger than what it currently is and that it will lead to worldwide applications. This will result in more efficiency, bring people together and create more freedom, especially freedom in trade. People’s lives have changed and people are expecting to live more fulfilled, balanced lives where they can work where they want, doing what they love, when they want. Affiliate marketing fits that profile perfectly. It is not only a good fit for affiliates but also the perfect fit for organizations that can become more efficient by using the services of affiliates.

Affiliate marketing crosses borders and a person can now access markets beyond your geographical area. Affiliate marketing is the least expensive method to start a business as you do not need to carry stock or other capital intensive equipment. It enables people to learn new skills comfortably via the internet. There are no age restrictions on affiliate marketing as there are literally millions if niche markets that are ready for affiliate marketing. The world and organizations are ready for affiliate marketing with over 500 billion products and services available for affiliates to market.

Iam promotes Wealthy Affiliate products and services. Wealthy Affiliate provides the necessary education with a history of training materials accessible as well as weekly live events. It has large worldwide community members who are keen to assist members with answering questions. Everybody’s success is being celebrated by the community. Wealthy Affiliate further provide state-of-the-art technologies and tools such as domains, hosting, website building, content generation, live chat and help center. At the core of Wealthy Affiliate is the marketing research functions and analyses tools that marketers and business owners rely on. The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can start for free and feel your way around with enough material to teach aspiring entrepreneurs a ton of useful information.

You can learn more about WA ====>>More about WA 


My mission with Iam is to enable as many people as possible to achieve their dream of earning additional income by making money on the internet through affiliate marketing. I want to provide any person who has the will with the ability to live a happy free life by doing what they love.

This program is not exclusive as it can be used by men, women, stay-at-home-dads and moms, travelers, students, school-leavers, grandparents, unemployed, office or fieldworkers, professionals and general entrepreneurs who want to expand their income. As a matter of fact, anybody from all walks of life can do affiliate marketing. It can be done full-time or part-time. To earn additional, passive or full income.

Welcome to infinite opportunities, welcome to your future.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. (see my WA profile here)

Louis Munro

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for the past 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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