9 Ideas on how to make extra money online in 2018

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I am going to share ways how to make extra money online. From the starting-point, you must know that ANYBODY can make money online. That’s right anybody… that includes YOU. If you have the willpower and willingness to learn, you can make extra money online.

A different viewpoint of the internet

To make money online you will have to view the internet from a different viewpoint. Think of the internet is this marketplace where everybody gets together to exchange ideas, viewpoints, products and yes to exchange money. You can set-up your store in this market and people will visit your store with eagerness and available funds to do business with you. You can either sell your own stuff or ideas or you can sell someone else’s products or services. The internet is the easiest place in the world to start your business because you really don’t need to own a physical store and you can do this with minimum funds. Anything is possible with the internet as it has been proven time and time again over the past few years. The online economy has created more billionaires in the shortest time than ever before in humankind’s history. Think about Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram and Google

You need minimum funds to start your online business

I can prove it to you that you need minimum funds to start your online business. At Wealthy Affiliates, you can start for free. As a free member you receive:

3.75 billion people on the internet every day

At first, the idea of doing business on the internet may seem daunting because it is such a vast, enormous market with millions of roleplayers. That right there, that is where the key is. There are a potential 3.75 billion people every day on the internet. Think of your likely income if all 3.75 billion people would like to buy from you! I stumbled by accident on the potential of the internet. I got involved with the internet business when I started to use Sage’s Cloud Based Accounting software in my accounting business. My business server contains all my data on which I had to perform services for my clients. The worst part was that I always had to work on the premises where the server was. If I had to finish a job, over a weekend, I had to travel to my office, far away from my family and sit there alone working, feeling sorry for myself. With the Online Accounting Software, I could access my clients’ books and finish the job at home, close to my family. As I saw the benefits of Cloud Accounting, I started converting my clients also on to the “Cloud.” By doing this Sage Accounting Software remunerated me for promoting their products and I started earning a commission. Then I realized I am onto something with really big potential and my journey of owning an internet-based business started. You can visit my online business at www.thefunacccountant.com.

9 Ideas on how to make extra money on the internet in 2018

I realized that on the internet you can convert any passion into a money making business. How can you do it? Where can you start? Below is a list of 9 ideas where you can start your online business with very little resources: 1. Affiliate Marketing You promote other businesses’ products or services that you trust in exchange for earning a commission. Like I do with sage and humble in my The Fun Accountant business 2. Your own online services and products You create your own online products and services and you sell it online. For example your own graphic design business, marketing media agency, magazine, E-commerce etc. 3. Education You use your existing skills and knowledge about a specific topic and you create a course that people can do online. As long as you know something about a topic you can create a digital course about that topic. It can be a course on Excel, Word processor, website building, photography, fitness, surf coaching etc. Everybody teaches in a different way and some people may prefer your method of teaching. The first way is to create your own course and host it on your own website and domain. Buy selling your course people get immediate access to your course through a member’s area. If your course add value it has the ability to generate future income over a long period. As an alternative marketing channel, you can sell your course on the Udemy platform. The return is lower than with your own members’ area because you share the fees of your course with Udemy. Udemy attracts a lot of visitors and it gives you the advantage of being more easily exposed to people searching to learn what you have to offer. ===>Find Udemy courses here You can learn how to create your own course at Udemy itself or even for free on YouTube. I have found a lot of value from the following YouTubers Ferdi Kopershoek   WPcrafter 4. YouTube channel On your own YouTube channel, you can put videos and people can follow your affiliate links from where you can earn revenue. You can earn revenue on YouTube itself depending on your video views, length and how many adds you have per video. Your income can vary from $2 – $8 per 1000 views. It is really simple to start a YouTube channel. With a free Google account, you can create a YouTube account 5. Website and adsense You create a website and you add valuable content that people want. You get paid for the visitors on your website following the adverts. Create your own website for free with ===> siterubix 6. Outsourcing your skill
You can offer your services on Fiverr for people who are looking at outsourcing things they can’t do themselves. The following are examples of services that you can outsource: Graphic Design Digital Marketing – Email, Content creation, Videos etc. Voice over Social Media Marketing Writing and translating Music composing and producing Market research and business plans Crafts The list of outsourcing is really endless and there are many possibilities to earn extra income online from outsourcing. 7. Transcribing You can transcribe videos from YouTube at a feasible rate. One can even go one step further and outsource your transcribing services to countries with lower pay rates. For example, the average yearly household income in America is in the region of $57k. In South Africa, the average yearly income is $11k. The likely rate that you will pay a South African to perform the service will be $5 per hour compared to an American $20 if you take annual average income as a measurement. As the intermediary seeing the potential and take action, you can earn extra income. 8. Marketing Agency Through all the educational sources that are available on the internet, you can learn the skill of digital marketing. This encompasses many, many aspects of website marketing, direct email, social media and videos. With this skill, you can look at businesses in your area. Visit their websites, facebook pages and create a “mock” strategy for how you will increase the number of their customers. With the Wealthy Affiliate training, it is possible to add value to businesses marketing strategy and get clients that will pay you. 9. Domains With the Jaaxy tool you can perform research on popular keywords and you can research current trends on Google, Twitter, Alexa Topics and Amazon Best Sellers with this knowledge you can identify possible domains that you can buy at very cheap prices, when these domain names has grown in popularity you can resell it at a profit. I see this strategy as a long-term strategy and view it as my pension plan.
There you go my 9 suggestions of how to make extra money online. I hope you find this valuable. The more you develop your skill and knowledge the more you will see the value that you can offer to other people and the more you will be able to identify opportunities within this market. If you don’t know what to do, and you are unsure: start simple, start by learning how it works and how it all fits together, start with learning about affiliate marketing, it is by far the easiest place to give your online career a kickstart.

About Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of Infinite Affiliate Marketing. Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and an entrepreneur for the past 16 years. Louis is passionate about helping people to become successful online entrepreneurs. 

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